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On-Site Software Training

Sometimes, the best learning happens right in your own business, in the familiar environment where you and your team work every day. We deliver complete on-site training packages, including:

Planning and design of the courses right for your team.
Customized content*
Course materials
Training for individuals and small (1-7) or large (8-14) groups.

We specialize in teaching Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access). We also train in accounting software, desktop publishing software and proprietary software applications.

Our instructors will work with your team to develop their computer skills from the very basic to more advanced skills. Most courses are broken down into several levels, such as fundamentals, intermediate and advanced sessions.

You get the same top-notch quality education at your convenience and at a lower cost than off-site training.

How does on-site training work?

Training can consist of one course or a training program incorporating multiple courses. Each course can be delivered as a standard offering or customized by deleting or reorganizing selected content. You can even combine components from a number of classes together. We will work with you to bring everything to your location on a schedule that meets your needs.* We offer convenient scheduling, including weekends or evenings so you can schedule learning around your team’s needs and work schedules.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have demonstrated a mastery of the application and level of competency in the application they are teaching. Many are certified in the courses they are teaching. In addition, they complete observation training as well as supervised “live” practice teaching. Finally, all instructors receive feedback from the students via evaluations at the completion of the training.


Our instructors have taught clients ranging from small to medium sized businesses in various industries. Some clients include:

Alberto Culver
Marshall Field’s
Northwestern Hospital
Resurrection Hospitals
Financial Brokerage Firms
Major Retailers, including Sears

Contact us and we can help you sort through your questions and create a training plan that will work for you and /or your business from course selection, content, scheduling and training.

* There may be additional charges depending on the amount and type of customization necessary

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