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A True Story…Don’t Let It Happen At Your Business!

A friend of ours who owns a printing company suffered a bit of a Network Mishap. He Didn’t Have One! In fact, we once approached him about it and offered our services to assist. He assured us that he had it covered and we did not push the issue.

Since he didn’t have a Network he was accustomed to living in business without doing backups of his data. Without a Network, he had no machine-to-machine connectivity, and hence nowhere to push his data out to in case of a failure. This is an all-too-common sin among small business owners.

One day as we were traveling past his building we saw a huge sign (he printed it himself) posted across the front of his building. The sign stated “CLOSED FOR REPAIRS.” As it turned out, a driver traveling on the street in front of the building dropped his hot coffee in his lap, lost control of the vehicle, and slammed into the building. A supporting beam was damaged along with some electrical wiring that in turn, caused an unexpected power failure in the building.

When the computer was rebooted the all to common horror story came to life. The computer was just fine, except the hard drive and all the data that resided on it. To shorten a long story, the approximate cost of replacing the hard drive was  $155, including labor. However, the cost of recovering and restoring the years of software that consisted of client data files and customized artwork for the signs he created for his clients ballooned to over $35,000.

It will be a long and painstaking recovery process to get up and going again. Of course, with a Computer Network in place and good backup policies, a duplicate copy of the data would have existed on another machine and recovery would have been fast and simple.

Our Solution

Data storage is a miraculous harmony of miniature electronic components and the laws of electromagnetism. It is an extremely fragile relationship that should never be taken for granted. It can be disrupted resulting in data loss by something as simple as a power surge, power sag, a hard drive failure, or any number of disruptive forces that constantly share the environment with your computer.

Networking has many benefits including:

Data Security Via The Replication Process
Fast Data Recovery After Disruptions
Increased Productivity Resulting From File Sharing Capacity
Cost Savings and Higher ROI From Sharing Printers and Other Peripherals
Cost Savings From Sharing A High Speed Internet Connection

Don’t delay and take chances with your valuable data another minute! Call the experts at T.E.C.H.S. Group today. Networking is affordable and no business that uses multiple computers should operate without one. Our staff is certified in Networking by Microsoft and CompTIA . We can design, install, and teach you how to operate your Network. If you are a larger business with existing Networking, we can tune, troubleshoot, or add security parameters to your Network.

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