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Direcway Satellite Internet

Dump your dial up! This is an excellent option if you need the speed, especially if cable or DSL are unavailable to you, or a T1 line is too expensive.

What is it?
It is Broadband Internet access, beamed via satellite directly to your PC. It is extremely fast, reliable, full duplex (two-way), and requires no telephone lines (DW6000 Models). It is sharable and the DW6000 model comes Network Ready!

What does it cost?
Only $99 down gets you all the required equipment and professional installation (Standard Installation). The subscription, installation, and equipment are all paid for in one monthly fee of $99.99. You continue paying 99.99 per month until you have paid the equipment and installation charges off. Afterwards your monthly payment will drop down to the current subscription rate. Your other option is to pay for all equipment and installation up front and be billed monthly for the subscription rate only (Call for Full Purchase Prices).

What is the subscription rate?
$59.99 per month for unlimited access within the Fair Access Policy and up to 5 e-mail accounts.

Call us today for additional details. Our certified technicians will answer any remaining questions and help you decide if this Internet option is right for you. You will love the quality of our work and our dedication to your complete satisfaction!

For even more information,
click here for a downloadable Direcway brochure

*Note: You will need an Adobe PDF reader to view the brochure. While most browsers already have one installed, If you have difficulty viewing the brochure, you may download a PDF reader by clicking here:

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